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The Arizona Governor’s Office – Children’s Justice Programs

This FREE training consists of 4 modules, with information and 4 short videos; it should take approximately 1 hour to get through. Please give yourself ample time to complete the training. If you must leave, you will need to login and can finish any remaining topics.

All of the information discussed in this training is available in PDF form:

The investigation protocol presented in this training is specific to Coconino, Gila, or Maricopa County. If you have questions related to the investigation protocol specific to your county, please click here for a Children’s Justice Coordinator in your area. 

Your certificate will be generated after completing your test. If you have any questions throughout the training, please refer to our FAQ page for more information.

If you are ready to take this 1-hour online course, click the link below to register and begin the course. All of the information must be filled out in order to get a certificate of completion.

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse